六级作文:Dance to lose weight_跳舞减肥

Dance to lose weight_跳舞减肥六级英语作文200字

There are many ways of traveling. People may travel by plane if they want to travel far and reach their destination in a shorter time. It is the most comfortable but expensive way. Most people travel by train because it is a less expensive way but the compartments are cramped and stuffy. Bus journey is a cheaper way but it is spent on narrow, bumpy roads which are crowded with traffic. Trips by ship may be the cheapest and most comfortable way but it takes too much time.

I like traveling by bike. I can set out when I like and stop when I like. I can go wherever I like so that I can enjoy delightful spots rarely visited by other travelers. When I feel tired, I sit down by the bike and have a good rest. Besides, I can save much money for tickets and much time in waiting for the train or bus. I can cover more places by riding a bike than going on foot.

Traveling by bike is good to health. It is really a sort of good exercise to strengthen one's muscles and to test one's will. Moreover, it brings no pollution to the air. So it helps to clean the atmosphere.