As is shown in the picture, a teacher is asking a student a very easy math question of 2+2, but surprisingly, he answers that he is going to use technology to solve this problem. Simple as the picture is , it makes us consider whether technology is necessary in education.

As far as I am concerned, the technology is useful in our education. There are several reasons responsible for my arguments. First and foremost, it can help students have access to the wide range of information. For example, the teacher not only can present the contents through PPT but also show students pictures and videos, and let students accept and understand what they learn easily. Secondly, we can save a lot of paper. The teachers just need to put the contents in the PPT ,in order to protect our environment. Last but not least, the teacher can use long-distance(LD) education to teach, and other teachers can join in the class and share a wealth of useful information with students.

From what I said, we can safely draw the conclusion that technology is good if we use them in a correct way in a certain extent.

如图所示,一位老师正在向学生提出一道非常简单的数学题 2+2,但令人惊讶的是,他回答说他将使用技术来解决这个问题。这幅画很简单,它让我们思考技术在教育中是否必要。