六级作文:Road Accidents(带翻译)

四六级高分范文:Road Accidents


For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic:Road Accidents. You should write at least 150 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1)交通事故会给人们的生命和财产带来很大的损失 2)分析交通事故发生的主要原因 3)如何降低交通事故发生率





Road Accidents

Road accidents, [1]as one of the important social problems, have always been paid great concern. In most of the big cities, every day, there happen quite a few road accidents. In these accidents, many people suffer great property losses [2]and some of them even lose their lives.

[3]The following reasons contribute to road accidents. [4]Above all, traffic is becoming heavier and heavier, especially in big cities. More and more vehicles on road [5]increase the chances of accidents. [4]In addition, many drivers lack safety awareness and even don’t comply with the traffic regulations. For example, some drivers run the red light or drive after being drunk. [4]Besides, the [6]weak supervision and management of traffic control sectors is a noticeable reason.

[7]Considering the seriousness of the traffic problem, [8]it is high time for us to take more effective measures to solve it. [4]Firstly, the government should invest more money to improve public transportation and provide more transportation ways for people to choose. [4]Secondly, stricter laws and regulations should be made to punish those who break traffic regulations. [4]Finally, drivers should enhance safety awareness and develop good driving manners. [9]Only in this way could road accidents be avoided successfully.

关于交通事故的英语作文【亮点点评】 [1]插入语,as意为“作为”。 [2]表递进。 [3]用于引出原因。 [4]过渡衔接词语,使文章条理清晰、衔接紧密。 [5]“增加了…的机会或可能性”。 [6]“监管不力”,weak的使用准确地道。 [7]“考虑到,鉴于”,介词。 [8]用于引出解决办法,表示解决问题的紧迫性,常译为“早该是…的时候了”。 [9]“only+状语”位于句首,引起句子部分倒装。


1.佳句:In these accidents, many people suffer great property losses and some of them even lose their lives. 临摹:一些人失败后可能会变得灰心丧气,甚至会放弃成功的希望。 ___________________________________________________________

2.佳句:More and more vehicles on road increase the chances of accidents. 临摹:许多学生认为考取