Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition of no less than 150 words on the topic “University Students’ Pursuit of Famous Brands” and you’re your article on the following outline.1. 现在很多大学生都追求穿名牌,用名牌;2.你对这种现象的看法

● 审题概述●这是一篇论述对大学生追求和使用名牌看法的文章。第一段,详述大学生热衷追求、使用名牌的情形以及人们的看法。第二段,重点谈你对此的看法。


University Students’ Pursuit of Famous Brands

“What perfumes are you wearing?” “Aren’t your shoes Nike’s latest release?” “I like the Mickey bag you bought yesterday.” “I hear the Jack &Jones store is on sale this week. Do you wanna come along?” Don’t feel surprised if you hear them coming out of the mouth of college students. It’s quite common to hear and see college students swapping information about the brands they like and the products they use. In fact, discussions about brand names have become one of the college students’ favourite pastimes. They learn about the latest fashion from each other, exchange tips about when and where to get the item, and buy it at their earliest convenience. “Keeping up with the Joneses” is their conviction —“If the Joneses have it, how could I have not?” About this current mindset of the college students, many people may hasten to show their disapproval. They’ll probably take it to be a reflection of the students’ vanity and superficiality. And they may lecture them on the virtue of being thrifty.

However, I beg to differ. For one thing, name-brand products are usually quality products. They are something beautiful, endurable, and reliable. “The love of beauty is common to all,” goes the proverb;therefore, there’s nothing to blame about the pursuit of famous brands. For the other, college students are old enough to make their own decisions. Likewise, they must abide by the consequences if they make an ill-advised one. If they let their pursuit of brands eat into their budget for other more important issues, they should be able to correct their mistakes and keep everything in moderation. So this becomes no other than a good chance to learn management, isn’t it?


“你穿的是什么香水?” “你的鞋子不是耐克最新发布的吗?” “我喜欢你昨天买的米奇包。” “我听说 Jack &Jones 商店本周打折。你要不要一起去?”如果你听到他们从大学生口中说出来,不要感到惊讶。听到和看到大学生交换他们喜欢的品牌和他们使用的产品的信息是很常见的。事实上,讨论品牌名称已成为大学生最喜欢的消遣之一。他们互相了解最新时尚,交流何时何地购买商品的提示,并在他们方便的时候尽早购买。 “跟上琼斯”是他们的信念——“如果琼斯有,我怎么可能没有?”对于目前大学生的这种心态,很多人可能不以为然。他们可能会认为这是学生虚荣和肤浅的反映。他们可能会教导他们节俭的美德。