四级作文:Never too late to learn_学习什么时候都不晚

Never too late to learn_四级英语作文活到老学到老160字

It is widely accepted that to live and learn is a creed of many centuries. Even in contemporary society, life -long learning still carries great importance to personal happiness.

To begin with, hardly can anyone achieve genuine success in his career without learning . As competition in all lines of work grows increasingly fierce, we must defeat our rivals through learning. Furthermore, according to a latest survey conducted by an authority on the Internet, 95 percent of people interviewed answered that individual happiness and success can not exist without life-long learning. In addition, an increasing number of people come to realize the value of persistent learning. A case in point is those aged citizens having been retried from work , who seek to learning Chinese drawing, calligraphy and Peking drama, so that their life after retirement can be meaningful, full of colors.

Taking into account the analysis above, we can safely draw a conclusion that where there is leaning , there is life-long happiness.