四级作文:The Role of Mobile Phone in People's Communication_“手机在沟通中扮演

The Role of Mobile Phone in People's Communication_“手机在沟通中扮演的角色”英语作文150字

The popularity of smartphones has exerted great influence on the way people communicate, so much so that an increasing number of individuals contend that face-to-face communication is being replaced by texts and images on the mobile phone.

There are more than one angle to consider this phenomenon. On one hand, it is pleasantly acknowledged that smartphones shorten the distance between families and friends. Even people from different sides of the globe can share pictures, feelings and thoughts through various types of apps on the phone, thus building a long-distance connection. On the other hand, as the picture warns us, too much smartphone addiction interferes with people's real-life communication. Statistics show that over 70 percent of face-to-face communication consists of facial expressions and body language, which is why people should stay away from mobile phones when they have the chance to actually talk and communicate with others.

In a word, mobile phones act as an appropriate platform where people can always stay in tough however long the distance is, but a wise man should know when to put down his phone.