四级作文:Do I want to be famous? 我想出名吗

Do I want to be famous?I don’t want to be famous. I have never had any desire to be famous. You may ask why?Let me tell you.

First of all, I can’t stand the criticism and constant intrusion of my privacy. Even though being famous can help you make a lot of money and let others pay attention to you. Second, being famous, where your every move is followed by a photographer and you can never lead a normal life. So does such fame really make life fuller and more enjoyable?

Finally, at a party a famous person cannot speak unguardedly, because he is likely to be quoted or misquoted. His being famous makes it difficult for his children to have normal associations with other children. There is also the constant danger of their being kidnapped by people seeking ransom money.

In a word, being famous can cause a lot of trouble. So I would like to keep a simple life and make commitments for the world. Only then will the life be colorful and happy.