XiBiYun is one of the listed company's youngest President. A pair of beautiful eyes, women wearing green clothing, although the President is having a baby face, if put on students is also very fit, because she is only 24 years old, and looks exactly like a high school student, youth beautiful beautiful, youthful vitality is another name for her. Company a lot of excellent highly educated staff are running with the youngest President of the most beautiful in our city to, of course, talent, company nature is thriving, heyday. She also fell a leisure and carefree to nothing went to the riverside fishing, sometimes I go back to the foreign travel, marriage very moist.

Sorry to her most is her parents died early, leaving her alone, she now abundant life has no one to share with her. She felt that zhao benshan said one of the most painful thing in life is not dead didn't spend the money is wrong, but people live, also have money, is no one to share with her, she doesn't want to filial object. So she turned his attention to the charity, she is not only to help the poor in terms of money, also pains to tell everyone: poverty is not something we can ask for the reason that each of you can through their own efforts to get rid of poverty, achievement of self. XiBiYun idea: I would rather give you venture fund to give you a bite of rice.

People who want to know the progress, dignity is at the very least, the backbone of the poor than the rich, morale even stronger than the rich. From the spiritual level, the potential of the poor than the rich. So, philanthropy is not only money, that is meaningless if only a poor, giving it to them. Is think like this, she is some god, just like most of the city now bowed their heads and family, she is because thinking charity things haven't to pay attention to this aspect of the appeared in front of a hurried sports car, towards her like a straight to her to general, brake, always quick she didn't come and react already poured in the blood. Although she is a successful young President, was a philanthropist, but society is cruel, the man at the top of the society must be a thief in the eyes of a meat meal, she is so pure and so good, after all is so many poor people's life in the end is ignored.

"Come, come! Here a man was hit by a car, the driver run away, everybody come and help." Aunt has a panic fear of round eyes wide, big big drops of sweat on his forehead to drop to the ground, even not hands trembling, his eyes blurred, is clearly not seen so naked the crash. "What? Actually happen in broad daylight." "yes, the girl is too poor." "People don't comment in succession, hurry to call an ambulance." a wears glasses degree should look a bit see around, suddenly exclaimed yan. "Yeah, but I'm afraid the girl is not saved." "who knows? At least need to give her to the hospital let the doctor to diagnose!" "But, if this girl if orphans that'll be up shit creek, to the hospital unclaimed, may be dead broke." "Yeah, I heard that the hospital can this organ of the missing, if cure a rich advocate ah ~ don't know how get everything?" "yes, when the time comes, as it happens with young girl organs fresh." "That is also too don't respect people, although it is dead... '" to go to, don't say, you are not I don't know, don't say is a dead, is living may also have to be' PaiHua alive organ be dig? "" the ambulance is coming, we also go, stay more unlucky ah ~ you go ah. "

"Didi didi ~" XiBiYun so young life was hanging by a thread by the ambulance ride, no one she worries, no artificial her sad, only a day, only cloud know her better but so unfortunately, yes, her death may not come out, but heaven and earth can jian, will her soul rest in peace, because lonely she finally can see parents at a young age, she doesn't think she eats so many years of bitter struggle of career, because she had once accidentally out of curiosity and fun psychological follow trends like where the wills of insurance:

Although if I was only 24 years old, when young, but I am a insecure humble orphan, follow the trend, I made a wills in advance. I have hundreds of millions of property, but not a cent come easily blow, but by his own efforts and wisdom from small spell. But I don't feel like a useful handmaiden, enjoy the retired life, life is suffering. So I decided if I died, after the death of all the property donated to charity, if I get married in the future, have a baby, will not give to him, but let him struggle! Is undeserving rich second generation, I don't need to leave the property to him, I believe that my offspring and I the same idea, he won't blame me.

Such a girl has such a wise idea is indeed very difficult, all say good people have good lives, XiBiYun why life miserable, die bizarre, what god was still?

Colleagues in the company have discovered "heard XiBiYun seats? President if misfortune was hit by a car." "Rightness rightness, heard that is very bad." "Yes, and he died at a young age." "That you say is not attempted murder?" "Yes, how can someone in a car accident? Seats, not so not prudent man?" "Sure, I think is envy envy hate President young beauty wisdom of money, so look at uncomfortable will only according to this." "Is not without that possibility, but this man is very cruel. Also for beauty also go under the hand?" A prick silk anthomaniac said with a pair of glasses. Like XiBiYun beautiful girl called mat is commonly, she and her mother have than ever, a pair of the beautiful eyes of pan with a little sad, good-looking but not a smile face, white face slightly thin. Than her mother, she took a little cold and strong, but there are few happiness. Tossing and turning her, she often since father told her story so quietly staring blankly.

Mother, you don't know, how much I miss you. You and I really regret not Joseph. Father loves you, he doesn't want to delay your studies, do not want to delay your future, though you gave birth to me but I do not know I exist! Father know you without father, without mother, life poor, but he see you since the first hopelessly in love with you. Father is not rich the second generation, but home is solid. For student body President of hot pursuit tall handsome, you also cannot extricate oneself fall in love with my father. You love to break up but a year's time. For a party you don't be drunk, father also drink many, you would fall in love, drink and sex. Then you had me didn't know it, is found his father, but he didn't say. Happened to you I do not know under what is actually in a coma, you know how much his father worried about you? He day and night in your bed to take care of you, don't eat not to drink, finally fell ill. You are a confused girl, pregnant but I didn't find it at all. Body is empty, you should fully was in a coma for more than four months before I produce. Father didn't want to let you have a burden, you're a merit student, my father didn't want to let you back to unmarried mothers "crime". So my father dropped out single-minded raising I grow up. I'm babbling shows the characteristics of intelligent than other children, when have problems and ideas. "(dad) in vain, in vain (dad), why didn't float mommy?" Mat fluttering red doodle mouth pursed discontentedly pointed to the neighbor's holding small lei's mother. "This, this......" "In vain, in vain, why don't you say?" Just speak not is actually amazing speak clearly. "How do you say this...? What is your mother busy business, so you don't understand," gone with the wind dad wiped sweat, said. "It's okay, wave will go find mommy."

But to the wind in your career, father of inferiority, he didn't finish college, for me. He is a man after all, how not bashful so embarrassed with me to who? Besides, he doesn't know if you have a boyfriend if you forget him. Father had been a major player in the school, student body President, tall, handsome, is will take his first scholarship. Father's love of learning, a strong sense of responsibility, parents in high expectations for him. But he wholeheartedly for the sake of you, out of school, the future, by his parents as unfilial. He had had for so many years hard work carefully take care of me, he is my father, and my mother. I really feel unworthy as his father.

For the first time that day, father regardless of the dignity of a man crying, he said you and a rich second generation to appear in the tabloid newspaper, you over the past few years more mature beauty, handsome many gold, the man is so of, you is a match made in heaven. Father didn't know that actually just gossip journalist make, XiBiYun such person who doesn't want to cash through her gossip?

His father decided to with you and I who, only to hear you have a car accident died unexpectedly. Father stunned the whole three days, a words also would not say more, I have been sad shout: "green cloud, why don't you come to me? Why did you leave our father, why are you so cruel? You don't even know the existence of your daughter. Haven't seen gone with the wind. How can you give up and go? Are you still so young, so beautiful, so success..."


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