四级作文:读书选读还是泛读? Reading Selectively or Extensively(带翻译)

读书选读还是泛读? Reading Selectively or Extensively

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic "Reading Selectively or Extensively". You should write in no less than 100 words, and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:




Reading Selectively or Extensively Some people think when we read we should read selectively. That is to say, we should select some books we are interested in and ignore the others. Reading selectively can help us concentrate our limited time and attention on those selected books. Others think we should read extensively. No matter what kind of book it is, we should look it over. We should read various kinds of books, whether we are interested in or not. They maintain that reading extensively can help to enlarge our view and grasp the general knowledge in different fields. In my opinion, the two reading ways have their roles respectively in our reading. However,the disadvantages of each method are easy to see. If we only read the books we select or prefer,the framework of our knowledge may not be complete. Our knowledge would be rather limited.And if we read without selection, we may not have so much time and energy to be specialized in one particular field. Therefore, the combination of the two methods is more reasonable.

有选择地或广泛地阅读 有些人认为我们在阅读时应该有选择地阅读。也就是说,我们应该选择一些我们感兴趣的书,而忽略其他的。有选择地阅读可以帮助我们将有限的时间和注意力集中在那些选定的书籍上。其他人认为我们应该广泛阅读。不管是什么书,我们都应该看一看。我们应该读各种各样的书,不管我们有没有兴趣。他们认为,广泛阅读有助于扩大视野,掌握不同领域的常识。在我看来,这两种阅读方式在我们的阅读中各有各的作用。但是,每种方法的缺点都显而易见。如果我们只阅读我们选择或喜欢的书籍,我们的知识框架可能并不完整。我们的知识会相当有限。如果我们不加选择地阅读,我们可能没有那么多时间和精力专攻某一特定领域。因此,两种方法的结合更为合理。