四级作文:远离网络游戏 Stepping Away from Online Games(带翻译)

远离网络游戏 Stepping Away from Online Games

Nowadays, more and more college students are addicted to online games. Those games may be funny and exciting, but are very harmful to those addicts.

In my opinion, there are many disadvantages of game addiction.Firstly, online games take up a lot of players' time for study. Many of the addicts found themselves forced to drop out of school for poor academic performance. Secondly, addicts tend to isolate themselves from the reality. What's worse , indulging in the virtual world for a long time, they are more liable to suffer mental problem and physical collapse. Thirdly , players are exposed to too much violent and unhealthy material, which is definitely harmful to their growth.

In short,I cannot see any benefits from online games.Study should be the primary concern of college students. Therefore,I do hope they can step away from online games.