1. 大学生现在过分崇拜大明星

2. 分析产生这一现象的原因

3. 我的看法

Nowadays, star-worshiping is popular among teenagers, especially many university students.

Why? When it comes to the symptoms of worshiping a star, the main factor I'd like to mention is imitation. With a blind love for their idols, teenagers firmly believe that their choices are the best. As a result, the stars' clothes, hairstyles and hobbies, as well as their behaviors in public, are closely observed or followed, though, to some extent, they may be considered improper or even ridiculous.

In my opinion, having idols is not a bad thing. However, we should make it clear who are the real “heroes”. As far as I am concerned, the real heroes are those who are making the most contributions to our society, such as teachers, doctors and scientists. As students, we should learn from them. Only in this way can we become useful persons in the future.


为什么? 说到崇拜明星的症状,我想说的主要是模仿。 带着对偶像的盲目热爱,青少年坚信自己的选择是最好的。 因此,明星的衣着、发型、爱好,以及他们在公共场合的行为,都被密切关注或跟踪,但在某种程度上可能会被认为是不恰当的,甚至是荒谬的。

在我看来,拥有偶像并不是一件坏事。 但是,我们应该明确谁是真正的“英雄”。 在我看来,真正的英雄是那些对我们社会做出最大贡献的人,比如老师、医生和科学家。 作为学生,我们应该向他们学习。 只有这样,我们才能成为未来有用的人。