It is indeed the most effective way for China with implementing family planning to solve the population problem. But family planning has so far made little progress. While half of the world is suffering from starvation, poor health and a low life standard, we cannot just think lightly the population problem. We have to make the birth rate under control.

The main enemy of family planning is illiteracy. For example, Brazil and India have the highest birth rate, and they embrace the highest illiteracy rate, and their people even have no idea of birth control.

Nowadays China's population is growing rapidly. Therefore it is crucial for China's economic improvement to control the growth of population. China should spirit up the whole nation to take actions.

这确实是中国实施计划生育解决人口问题最有效的方式。 但迄今为止,计划生育进展甚微。 虽然世界上有一半的人正在遭受饥饿、健康状况不佳和生活水平低下的痛苦,但我们不能对人口问题掉以轻心。 我们必须控制出生率。

计划生育的主要敌人是文盲。 比如巴西和印度的出生率最高,文盲率最高,他们的人甚至没有节育的概念。

如今中国人口增长迅速。 因此,控制人口增长对中国经济发展至关重要。 中华民族要振奋精神,行动起来。