Along with the trend of longevity, nobody could have failed to notice a heated debate on whether it is wise to postpone retirement age.

Some people argue that it's necessary to postpone the retirement age in that it is a good way to deal with the aging population.One of the direct results of the aging society is a drop in the labor force supply,which can be relieved by postponing the retirement age.However,other people hold a negative view about it.For one thing,this reform could raise the pressure of social employment,especially for the present severe situation.For another,it may diminish the senior's leisure time and the probability of the retired people enjoying their retirement pension.

For my part.we should take the level of the reform and the elders'interest into consideration so that a clearer perspective of the debate can be gained.


有人认为推迟退休年龄是应对人口老龄化的好办法。老龄化社会的直接结果之一是劳动力供给下降,可以缓解 然而,也有人对此持否定态度。一方面,这项改革可能会增加社会就业压力,特别是在目前严峻的形势下;另一方面,可能会减少老年人的闲暇时间和 退休人员享受退休金的概率。




retirement age退休年龄

aging society老龄化社会

labor force劳动力

social employment社会就业

for the present目前; 现在; 暂时; 暂且

leisure time业余时间; 余暇

retirement pension退休金,养老金