四级作文:年轻人应该有理想 Young People Should Have Ideals(带翻译)

年轻人应该有理想 Young People Should Have Ideals

Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Young People Should Have Ideals.






What are you going to do when you grow up?" When I was a child, people often asked me this question about ideal. Undoubtedly, every individual, especially a young person, should have an ideal. Hardly can we find any great people with no ideals when they were young.

An ideal is of vital importance to one's growth and success. On the one hand, an ideal is the target of one's life. Once you decide what your ideal is, you know where to go and which way to take. On the other hand, an ideal is like an engine of vehicles. Only when we have our own ideals, can we find the origin energy and enthusiasm.

Whatever your ideal is, careful plan and preparation is vital to its final realization. Of course, the path from where you are to where you want to get is not always smooth and straight. Therefore, an optimistic, positive mind is indispensable in the process of your pursuing your ideal.

你长大后打算做什么?” 当我还是个孩子的时候,人们经常问我这个关于理想的问题。 毫无疑问,每个人,尤其是年轻人,都应该有一个理想。 我们几乎找不到年轻时没有理想的伟人。

理想对一个人的成长和成功至关重要。 一方面,理想是人生的目标。 一旦你决定了你的理想是什么,你就知道该往哪里去,该走哪条路。 另一方面,理想就像车辆的发动机。 只有有了自己的理想,才能找到源头的能量和热情。

无论您的理想是什么,仔细的计划和准备对其最终实现都至关重要。 当然,从你所在的地方到你想去的地方的道路并不总是平坦而笔直的。 因此,在追求理想的过程中,乐观、积极的心态是必不可少的。