小学英语作文:一份报告 A report(带翻译)

小学六年级英语作文:A report(带翻译)

小学六年级英语作文:A report

Here is a report about my class.Because i think do chores is important for student to develop their independence ,so i do this report . In our class,have fourteen students are making the bed and taking out the rubbish,they are so happy when they over do these.And ten students are doing the dishes and walk the dog,because i love animals,i think take the dog for a walk is so good,of course,they feel interesting.Then ,sevens students are cooking and washing clothes,so they think these so boring they think they should learn to took after themselves.Next.,four.students never doing homework,i think they are so lazy ,and they feel .that do homework are so tring,but i don‘t think so.In our future ,we will all have a lot of things to meet,so we must learn to do these,and develop our independence,because the eariler kids learn to be independence,the better for their future. So come on!we will be pround of ourselves.

这是关于我的班级的报告。因为我认为做家务对学生培养他们的独立性很重要,所以我做了这个报告。 在我们班,有十四个学生在整理床铺和倒垃圾,做完这些他们很高兴。十个学生在洗碗和遛狗,因为我喜欢动物,我想带狗去 散步真好,当然,他们觉得有趣。然后,sevens 学生在做饭和洗衣服,所以他们觉得这些太无聊了,他们认为他们应该学会照顾自己。接下来。,四,学生从不做作业,我 觉得他们很懒,觉得做作业很累,但我不这么认为。未来,我们都会遇到很多事情,所以我们必须学会做这些,并发展 我们的独立性,因为越早的孩子学会独立,对他们的未来越好。 所以来吧!我们会为自己感到自豪。