小学英语作文:A happy holiday

Last holiday was my favourite holiday. It was very good.

I stayed home for a few days . I did my homework , first. Because homework is our serious business in the holiday. I played computer for two hours every day.

The spring festival is in the holiday. I visited my relatives. They gave me red packets. So I was very happy. On New Year's Eve, my family had a big dinner in the restaurant together . We ate lots of delicious food. We were very happy.

My family had a trip in Fujian. First, we visited Wuyi mountain. The mountain is very high. There are many tall trees and beautiful flowers in the mountain. The trees are green. The sky is blue. The water is clean. The air and the lands are clean, too. So we took a lot of photos. It was fun. We were so happy. We ate the special food of Fyjian. We stayed there for ten days. That was very interesting. We came back by air . I like it very much.

Do you want to come and climb the Wuyi Mountain! You can do other interesting things too.

How wonderful is my winter holiday! Do you like it ?