小学英语作文:A Different Spring(不一样的春天)

A Different Spring

You must have seen beautiful springs! It must be a sunny season with singing birds and fragrant flowers? But the spring of 2012 is an endless whiteness view... .

That's right! Pure and crystal clear white snow "covers" the ground!

But it is a yellow warning weather today! Poor cars, when climbing, step one and slip three, "ChiLiu ChiLiu" not getting on; When fearful pedestrians going out, chilly snow

grains fly directly into their necks!

But we joyful children are playing in the snow at the time! Dad and I built a beautiful three-meter-long "snow bridge" with sticky snow, at which after we trod with feet it

turned to solid and could support the two of us father and son without damage.

But why it doesn't snow in winter? I guess in winter it keeps its strength to the fullest untill spring came, it has been snowing all the time.

Anyway, this spring, I play as I liked in the snow.

It's an extraordinary and happy spring!Thank you!



没错!纯净、晶莹的白雪 “盖”住了大地!