小学英语作文:Eternal "Paper Plane" 永远的“纸飞机”

Eternal "Paper Plane "

On June 1st., I got an eternal "paper plane". Heyhey, it's not a real paper plane, but a box of paper folding and folded book of paper plane, an unusual gift from mother in the Children's Day of 2012.

I was unable to hold myself back to open the package, and a beautiful book, lying in a big box, heaved in sight, I picked up the book, under which was the beautiful paper folding for at least 300 pieces, wow! Amazing!

Opening the book, I read from the first page to the last one with one breath Ha! Unexpectedly there are 100 folding methods of paper airplane! In the second grade, I was the king of "paper planes" in the whole grade, now seeing this book, oh, my true feeling is "knowledge is infinite., there is another paper airplane outside the paper plane"!

This book is never tired of my seeing. What I liked at the first sight was a stealth aircraft, wearing a mysterious black "cloak", with two serrated wings like the "sky overlord" eagle proudly stretching its powerful wings.

I found out the stack of paper folded without hesitation, folded excitingly. It was just a piece of cake to me, the king of handwork, colourful paper was flying up and down in my hands, in a flash, flexible paper became lightsome paper airplanes.

I outstretched my left arm to maintain body balance, holding the paper airplane with my right hand, pitching with the angle of about 15 degrees, threw out with strength, made it out of hand at the last minute. The plane flew forward like a tercel soaring to great heights, unexpectedly its head uplifted slowly as if finding a prey, staying in the sky for half a second, switched back, sharp dived down and suddenly landed. Wow! Amazing! What an extraordinary posture it did!

If the stealth plane let you be surprised, the charming flight posture of the "lark" will let you indulge in pleasures without stop!

This time, I threw out the "lark" with the angle of 45 degrees, and it rushed immediately into the blue sky like a happy bird, soaring effortlessly, going on with a standard backflip as if calling its companions, unexpectedly played a "roller", an action of stunt, circled round with its small and exquisite wings at last, landed slowly. How nice it danced!

I's very pleased to hold the "lark", with the happiness always staying in the cabin of the paper airplane, with the dream fastened to its flexible wings, flying to the sky of the future!