小学英语作文:The Big Exploration of Japanese Food 日本美食大探秘

The Big Exploration of Japanese Food

—"The North" trip of tasting the cate

"My mother's birthdayis coming, where shall I invite her to eat birthday dinner?" Icontemplated, suddenly thought of " Japanese Food Base Camp","Right, to The North! Guarantee to make mother feel happy, also accordwith the requirement of our comprehensive practical activities, experience theJapanese food by the way!" under my proposal,my uncle’s family and minecame to the “Northern Japanese Cuisine".

In the chartered roomwith an undersized door and a tatami woven with bamboos, the rich and colorfulfeast attracted me: the matsutake soup, the backscrolling Sushi, the fruitsalad, the saury poured with juice, the sizzling beef......

The most unique flavorwas "Sake". I lifted up a fine bone china cup, poured a cup of wine,the wine in the small cup was just like a cup of cold water with an ugly face,but exuding a unique fresh lemon flavour. My mother advised me to taste. I sippedmy mouth with great care, drank it: bitter and warm, but when it was down intothe stomach, Spurts of warm water energized me.

The most special tastewas the "Raw Salmon Slices" with pink fillets and attractive color.When clipping gently with chopsticks, they were just like elastic tofu. Had anice bite, put them in the mouth, tasted carefully, they were just aslubricated as a block of delicate jelly, without any feeling of the rough beef.

The "fried shrimptempura" had a unique "face". The pinkish sweet shrimps,hunching, wore golden thin coats, interwove together, "sat" on the"yellow Satin" made from lotus root slices, green peppers, radishes, seemedlike a golden statue. This dish was the most appetizing to me, fresh but withoutgrease, crisp and delicious.All of us had a hearty drink, ate with relish.

We enjoyed the food withfun while appreciated parts of exquisite beautiful "arts".

The exploration of food letme appreciate Japanese cuisine culture of " Eating is art". As aresult, my food research activities were successful to end!

In this integratedpractical activity, I experienced: checking the information, making theoutline, interviewing on-the-spot, tasting the food, writing the experiencediary,designing the food newspaper. These links let me harvest a lot.Thus, thisresearch was successfully concluded!








我们一边欣赏着一件件玲珑精美的“艺术品”,一边美滋滋地享用着美食。 这次美食探秘让我领略了日本的“吃即艺术”的美食文化。