小学英语作文:大日子 The big day(带翻译)

小学五年级英语作文:the big day(带翻译)

I am very happy that i find the webside of the English study room this noon . I am a self-taught student and i dream i can make a lot of friends that love english study .I have no chance to be a school student but i believe hard work can equal to the smart. There were only two creature that can get the top of the high point the eagle and the snail .The eagle may get the target very easily but the snail is much more difficult but if there a friend who can do him a favor maybe he can get the point more easy .

The name of my essay is the big day ,for i am on the way to make friend on this day .A friend in need is a friend indeed .

我很高兴今天中午找到了英语自习室的网页。 我是一个自学成才的学生,我梦想能结交很多热爱英语学习的朋友。我没有机会成为一名学生,但我相信努力工作等于聪明。 能爬到最高点的生物只有老鹰和蜗牛两种。老鹰很容易就能找到目标,但是蜗牛要困难得多,但如果有朋友可以帮他一个忙也许他能得到 这点更容易。