中考英语作文:At the beginning of if

If looking back, everything is still on;If the time, whether to meet with you again, then I can as all have no...

In the early, osmanthus meet

Remember, we all love flowers;Remember, our meeting;Remember, our sun vows...Is thanks to the guidance of the sweet osmanthus.Vaguely remember, osmanthus fragrance that we happen to coincide to greening.Two people may look back, found that the presence of each other, you are to me a smile at one another, cheerful personality let me have a moment of pleasure.From then on, your shadow never forget in my memory...

Encounter, the unchanged

Thought that moment is our eternity, but whether or not it...... already doomed, you should transfer to my Alma mater once, by default, we should become a old friend, from now on will reduce the distance you and me.Cheerful character makes the fog I will heart you drive away.In those years we laughed, cried, confused, and at the same time to walk through together with the pain that time really is very beautiful, very beautiful.Thank god arrangement I met you thank to the care of in those days, and all the things that you give me a different sister, then the sweet forever in my heart.

From, trapping yourself

Life like water, also song and tears, leaves zero, deciduous wander over water, cold water, closure.Some of the cruel reality show.Who would remember that a period of time the silhouette, a prosperous times flowers?Who knows, a read out, tianya near;A read out, so near.You slipped away, made me off guard.How many times have wandering alone in the place where we meet, want to find that we lost the friendship, but often be cruelty of reality and lost the heart injury.Stray, look back to find your leave message has become a reality, I can't go to your sunlight dappled.How many times have silent crying at night, so tore heart crack lung;How much time is unable to retain, is irreversible.How much time sad once, by the wind gradually fades away.