中考英语作文:Worry about the monthly exam

I don't have du fu miserably qi "hoary head scratching shorter, muddy to be hairpin" sorrow, no li bai melancholy "toast to invite the moon, the shadow into three people" of the troubles, no xin qiji helpless "young not sorrow taste, strong say sorrow for assigning new poetry" of sorrow, o asked her to have much sorrow, just like a spring waters flowed eastward!I'm not still du fu, li bai is not sentimental, more is not moved by xin qiji, my troubles, neither du fu of the author, so there is no li bai so lonely, more is not so tragic, xin qiji my troubles is our monthly exam.

Mouse heard this, without hesitation with her family run away from "home".Cockroaches in our home, hear the stranger, resolutely throwing food away;Mosquito heard, also tears fly, walk also don't forget to say: the world is so big, I should go and see.Ah, then again, this to have.January once let students with excellent grades glory low-achieving students crying monthly exam is coming, for me this kind of arts with honours students of poor students in science, I am want to cry ah, every time I heard the teacher announced when monthly exam "what", I am a body blow!What stuff?The last time just take an examination of how to test again?Yes, as zhu zi-qing said: go though, come though it;To go to the center, how again in a hurry?