中考英语作文:关于男女平等 Equality Between Men and Women

关于男女平等 Equality Between Men and Women

At present, more and more people think that men and women should enjoy equal rights. Many countries even have passed laws to guarantee such an equality between different sexes. Accordingly, there are now no longer certain jobs or certain places that are closed to women. The number of business women, female doctors, scientists and leaders is considerably increasing.

There are three main reasons for the improvement of women's social position. First, women themselves have been persistently struggling for equality. Second, men also realize that women are not born inferior to them. Women can do a great many things as well as or even better than men. Third, social development has produced a great demand for women's participation in every field.

In spite of these changes the liberation of women has not been completely realized. Prejudice against women is deeply rooted still in some people's mind, especially in distant rural areas. So, mankind should take further painstaking efforts to really realize equality.