假设你是李华, 你的外教Declan让你推荐一份英文报刊,供同学们阅读。 你建议订阅 “学英语”报,请你给Declan发一封电子邮件说明理由。

内容包括:1. 与教材同步,适合中学生;2.内容丰富,开拓视野;3. 提高英语水平,深受欢迎。

注意:1. 词数100左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


Dear Declan

There are several English papers aiming athelping us improve our English, the best ofwhich is Learning English

Learning English is written according totextbooks, so it is especially ht for usstudents. Besides, the paper is rich in contents,whose articles include stories. school life. newsforeign cultures, technology, environmentalprotection and so on. It also provides plenty ofnecessary exercises for us to strength en ourskills. With the help of the paper, we cangreatly broaden our horizons and knowledge

I have been using the paper since I studied English. It is very popular with us because itcan help improve our English

I am looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua