1.I'm glad to hear that you're planning to travel around China during the summer vacation. I'd like to invite you to my hometown Fujian for a visit.

2.You asked me about festivals in China.Let me introduce some important ones to you.

3.I'd like to tell you something about the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and how I spent it this year.


1.Nowadays,reading is becoming more and more popular among us.

2.Of all the suggested books,I have decided to choose Secrets of English Words and Time for Kids.

3.The book I'd like to share with you is The Old Man and the Sea, written by an American writer Ernest Hemingway.

4.My dream shop will be a bookstore. I love reading very much,so I want to have a big bookstore.

5.In school we study many subjects, such as Chinese, English, maths, geography and so on. But my favorite subject is English.


1.Recently, there are a lot of shared bikes appearing on the street of Meishan. And they become more and more popular with people.

2.Today, as a greener means of transportation, bike'sharing is becoming more and more popular in many cities.



1.If you come, you can enjoy fresh air, blue sky as well as beautiful mountains and clear rivers.

2.Fujian lies in the southeast of China with Fuzhou as its capital city. It has a population of over 38 million.

3.Many famous places of interest like Mount Wuyi and Gulang Island are well worth visiting.


1.The Dragon Boat Festival falls on May 5th this year. People all across China eat zongzi and dragon boat races are held in many places to remember a great ancient person Qu Yuan.

2.On that day, we eat yuanxiao, go to watch lantern shows and dragon dances to pray for health and happiness for the whole year.

3.To welcome the new year, we do some cleaning, buy new clothes, set off fireworks and visit our relatives.


1.I like reading newspapers and magazines, from which I get lots of fun and learn about what's going on around the world.

2.What I like most about the book is that the fisherman never gives up when meeting difficulties.

3.There will be a big reading room in it and people can sit in the chair to read their favorite books or magazines.

4.Knowing English makes my traveling much easier.I can make many foreign friends, too.


1.This tells us that nothing seems terrible as long as we have a strong will and a brave heart.

2.I hope you can come to China next year and spend the festival with me.

3.Besides, reading can help me know more about the outside world and make me enrich my knowledge. That's why my dream shop is a bookstore.

4.I will continue to study hard in my English studies and improve it to a higher stage.



How Do I Improve My English

To improve our English, the school has given a list of books for us to read this summer. Of all the suggested books, I have decided to choose Secrets of English Words and Time for Kids.

The first one is a book which may help me use English words better.By reading this book, I will surely learn more new words. This will make my future study much easier. Time for Kids is a popular magazine specially written for students, in which I will read interesting stories and have a taste of teen life abroad. So it must be of great fun to read it.

Being part of this activity, I am expecting a big step forward in my English.